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Bear Head Sculpture

 A restaurateur, I’ve done work with in the past, asked me to create a bear head in a geometric style for a project. He wasn’t sure of anything other than he wanted this bear. I start out drawing the idea out here over coffee at one of my favorite places.  IMG_2254With the concept locked in, and his blessing I started fabrication.  Originally brazing the steel bear, but after realizing the time/budget restrictions I opted to wire weld.



Stokes Restaurant Downtown Omaha

At the heart of the historic district in Omaha, Nebraska, there’s a southwest style restaurant called Stokes. They needed a screen solution from the neighboring bar and needed to to match the existing interior decor. So I photographed, then recreated it for the CNC plasma cutter. We welded in place a divider between the neighboring patio. Accelerating the rusting process with an acid mixture was one technique used.

cleave 100

Here’s Bob Yard is welding into place. The window lettering  for 12 of the windows in a silver metallic.