Building Blocks art show at Halo Studios

OTOS: Sarah DaCorta

Brian Tait’s opening last Saturday at Halo Studios (a hair salon) was aptly named “Building Blocks.” As a show that was put together and intended to be a one-night-only experience, a tremendous amount of work was put in by Tait: he curated the show, set up the lighting, curated the music and even performed spoken word poetry.

If you live in Omaha, chances are you’ve seen some of Tait’s work. He does a lot of the local signage as well as street art such as wheatpastes, working out of his large studio in the Old Market, which also happens to have a skate ramp, fish tanks and lots and lots of his artwork, both finished and works-in-progress. The artist states that the name of the show, “Building Blocks,” refers to the various influences that inform his work.

The following images show the building blocks that made Tait’s show at Halo a success.

THE SPACE: Halo Studios. A chic, urban hair salon on any other day, cleared out the barber chairs and flawlessly transformed the space into a, well, chic urban gallery space complete with bar in the back.

THE ART: The presentation included many media including sculpture, painting, projected image and sound. More specifically Tait’s self-coined “New Nouveau” works and wire sculpture as well as assemblage were represented.

THE MUSIC & SPOKEN WORD: Tait brought his own equipment to emcee a unique soundtrack and also played an experimental set of music where he strummed the bass guitar. He closed the performance with some spoken word poetry.

THE ATMOSPHERE: On one of the first warm evenings of the season, everyone was in good spirits and there was a specific vibe that you had to be there to feel. A refreshing mix of your typical art opening crowds and many fresh, new faces.

In all, it was a new take on the art opening, combining a dynamic space and wonderful art alongside the participation of the Dundee evening crowd and Omaha’s arts community. Let’s hope there are more events at Halo and that Brian Tait’s endeavors, including an upcoming curatorial gig at El Museo Latino, continue to enrich the art scene in Omaha.

Sarah DaCorta Art Historian

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