Stokes Restaurant Downtown Omaha

At the heart of the historic district in Omaha, Nebraska, there’s a southwest style restaurant called Stokes. They needed a screen solution from the neighboring bar and needed to to match the existing interior decor. So I photographed, then recreated it for the CNC plasma cutter. We welded in place a divider between the neighboring patio. Accelerating the rusting process with an acid mixture was one technique used.

cleave 100

Here’s Bob Yard is welding into place. The window lettering  for 12 of the windows in a silver metallic.

Scout Window Dressing

Here in Omaha there are various sub-communities just like a lot of other places.

Dundee is one such place.

A quaint area with shops, food, and bustling night scene. scoutart3One of these shops is  Scout, a local vintage cloth exchange.

The idea of a Canadian winter came to mind and seemed appropriate.

 I cut out this bears leaving the wood grain, then outlining in chrome.scoutart2The clouds are cut out of old doors, and float through the window.

I bent plastic to make these little tents and detailed with a graphite pencil.scoutbearThis bear seemed to be in the perfect spot and its up for available for holidays.

American Heritage

It happens all the time… staring at the easel.  Blank panels sitting there void of emotion.

For me I read. I go to my bookshelf and let my interest guide me.

This sitting was a yard sale book of American Antiques. Feverishly thumbing through I found these following items.


Drawing with a graphite pencil I took to the recycled wood doors and drew these items.






Forest for a Tree

The hollow core door is considered quite environmentally friendly because manufacturers can use up wood products that would otherwise be wasted.

Before the manufacturing of hollow core doors, scrap woods were routinely discarded as waste.forestside

While the hollow core door is certainly not heavy or solid, is it also not completely empty inside its frame.

Hollow core doors need some type of inner structure to add some support to the frame and there are a few different types of hollow core structures used today.forestbluefront

forestyellow side

One common type of hollow core door filling is structural paper. The paper is often formed into a honeycomb construction and is glued to fit inside the hollow door frame.

Other types of support filling for hollow core doors include foam blocks and pieces of board placed in sections inside the door frame.

forestyellowfrontHere I salvaged doors to create these cut peices and cleat mounted them so they would “float”.smalltreeHere is the smaller tree, hanging in the bathroom.  All of these are available while they last here>




It started out as a fun project with Omaha/Japanese vintage clothing giant Joe Dempsy, creative inspiration from super talent Omaha’s Caitlin Little ‘

and some sort of trade for suit jackets in the winter and a dresser.

IMG_2204Markers and random internet cat images I start my work.



IMG_2207I clean up the kitties with a modest atire.

IMG_0752I took what scraps I could and Made some pieces available here>

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